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We are strong supporters of the power of collaboration to develop great ideas. With over ten years of experience creating video mapping and projection installations, we’ve had the opportunity to work in tandem with our clients to illuminate spaces while captivating and inspiring audiences.

Each project presents its own intrinsic challenges pushing us to grow as a company and to break the limits of possible. That’s the reason why we are passionate about complex projection techniques.  

We are ready to project your most incredible ideas!

We produced a 100m video mapping installation for a Ford commercial tv  broadcast campaign in Mexico.

The scope of our work included from the development of the creative concept to the 3D modeling and animation and all the projection and video mapping rigging and operation logistics. 






We  produce 2D and 3D animations while using  multiple projection techniques: Immersive Domes , 360 panoramic projection, 3D stereo projection, expanded cinema and  video mapping.





Video mapping is a projection technique used to turn irregularly shaped objects into a display surface for projection. Using specialized software, a two or three dimensional object is spatially mapped out in a virtual environment.  Even that buildings are the most common example  we can project practically into any surface. 






We design live camera systems  for concerts, events, television broadcast and webcasts. addressing the operation, installation and monitoring of live camera feeds.



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