Over the past years, a group of nature filmmakers has been exploring the world’s seas looking for whales. Join the team on a marvelous ocean adventure and witness exhilarating Orcas on the hunt, tender moments with Humpback's mother and calves, and dive into a dreamlike encounter with a Blue whale.

Director Bio

Wildlife filmmaker Manolo Mendieta aims to highlight themes of nature conservation and animal behavior through pristine visual narratives and thought-inducing stories.

His first short documentary 'Cabo Pulmo' effectively aided a social movement to conserve the national park of the same name whilst earning multiple awards and international recognition.  This led him to work as a cameraman on BBC's Bafta award-winning series Big Blue Live, Wild West, and National Geographic’s: Mexico Untamed, respectively.

While developing his Natural History feature debut 'Whalelands’ spanning five years of production. Manolo had the opportunity to capture rarely seen behaviors in remote locations such as Antarctica, Norway, and the South Pacific. Slated for release in 2021, Whalelands is arguably one of the most ambitious marine-based independent natural history films ever produced.




Whalelands is my love letter to the Natural History Filmmaking artform and nature itself, four years in the making this movie carries my hopes and dreams of creating a more inclusive world for both ourselves and the fascinating marine mammals inhabiting our beautiful blue planet.

With a core message of interconnectedness, this film is a timely and hopeful statement of the needed perspectives that could aid our current transition into a more nurturing and conscious approach to the natural world.

It also marks my debut as a producer and director on a long-form nature documentary picturing the most relevant breakthroughs in my quest to mastering the craft of Wildlife filmmaking, all in service of environmental conservation. 




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