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Enter the world of whales. Shot over a six year period and featuring eight distinct species of cetaceans, 'Whalelands’ takes viewers on a fantastic ocean journey right into the heart of the whale's world.


Discover behaviors never filmed before and take inspiration from the most powerful stories of nature as told by the largest, mightiest beings on our planet. Antarctica, Baja California, Northern Norway, Patagonia, and the South Pacific set the stage for this action packed one-hour nature special. Welcome to the whale's world, welcome to 'Whalelands’.

Director'S Bio


Wildlife filmmaker Manolo Mendieta aims to highlight themes of nature conservation and animal behavior through pristine visual narratives and thought-inducing stories.

While developing his blue chip long-form debut 'Whalelands' spanning six years of production. Manolo had the opportunity to capture rarely seen wildlife behaviors in remote locations such as Antarctica, Norway,  Patagonia and the South Pacific. 

Some of his most notable credits in the nature documentary space include his work as a cameraman for BBC's Bafta award-winning series 'Big Blue Live', 'Wild West', and National Geographic’s; 'Mexico Untamed'. 

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WHALELANDS™ is a registered trademark of SPUNCO FILMS LLC. © All rights reserved 

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