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A Digital Imaging Technician or DIT is a specialized digital image expert.
When renting movie cameras like Epic, Scarlet, Red One, Canon, Alexa or any other digital camera, it is best to work with a DIT. It is their job to help you gain the greatest benefit out of your rented camera and to ensure the integrity of the captured footage.

At Spunco Films
®, we train our DIT's to be specialists in the most popular cameras in the market, as well as recovery and data backup software.
We also ensure the integrity of your data with backups in RAID hard drive arrays. It is important to understand, however, that the work of a DIT is specialized and is not a substitute for a second camera assistant or any other roll. The DIT must remain focused on his priority as the final link in a Production: Ensuring data integrity.

"Our DIT service will help your production to run smoothly, getting the most out of your digital movie camera."



Each production is unique and presents different challenges for monitoring.

Allow us to assist you in finding the ideal choice for your production.


Whether you just need a monitor or an entire Video Village, we provide the most innovative technology. If necessary we can provide systems monitoring real-time 4K.




We offer the 3D video assist system. All of our monitors are HD, so you don’t need the down converters that only serve to degrade the image quality.



We have a "Teradeck" wireless monitoring system, rendering a faster workflow by eliminating long video cables.

"Whether you need a monitor or a whole Video Village, we are your best video assist option".

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