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Scott Carnahan is a seasoned and accomplished field producer and fixer, boasting a wealth of experience in the Nature Documentary Film industry. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades, he has honed his specialized skills in remote shoot locations and maritime-based, and underwater film productions.

Throughout his tenure, Scott has established collaborative partnerships with esteemed broadcasters such as the BBC, National Geographic, and Disney Nature, among other leading industry players. His notable credits encompass contributions to renowned productions such as BBC Blue Planet II, Big Blue Live, and Discovery Channel Shark Week. 

In addition to his extensive contributions as a field producer and fixer, Scott Carnahan also holds the esteemed title of IANTD Scuba Instructor Trainer. His vast knowledge and expertise in cave diving, advanced cave diving, rebreather, and specialty diving have led him to develop multiple training standards and materials in these areas.

As a recognized authority in the field, Scott Carnahan's impact extends worldwide, as he continues to share his comprehensive expertise in underwater exploration and filmmaking. His unwavering dedication and proficiency make him a distinguished professional in the Nature Documentary Film industry.

                 Scott Carnahan 


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Selected Credits
Field Producer / Fixer  

BBC Blue Planet (I, II)

BBC Blue Planet Live 

BBC Planet Earth  (I,II,III)

BBC Big Blue Live

BBC Green Planet 

BBC Wild West 

BBC Mexico Series



Nat Geo  - One Strange Rock 

Nat Geo - Welcome to Planet Earth

Expedition with Steve Backshall  

Expedition Shark with Steve Backshall  

Discovery Channel - Legend of Deep Blue

Discovery Channel - Air Jaws

Discovery Channel - Counting Jaws 


On Screen (contributor as diving safety expert)

Expedition with Steve Backshall  

Expedition Shark with Steve Backshall

BBC Deadly 60

BBC Deadly pole to pole

Sony Pictures The Cave (Feature film)


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