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Noemí Cabré is a dedicated natural history researcher with a strong background in scientific research. She specializes in story research and animal behavior in some of the most breathtaking locations on Earth. As a valued member of the Whalelands Spunco Films team, Noemí Cabré has conducted critical research on stories and animal behaviors in Antarctica, Norway, the South Pacific, Baja, Patagonia, and California.


With extensive experience in scientific research, Noemí Cabré has honed her expertise in studying the behaviors and habitats of marine mammals, particularly whales. Her meticulous research efforts have contributed to uncovering captivating stories and revealing unique insights into the lives of these majestic creatures in diverse locations around the world. Noemí Cabré's exceptional research skills, attention to detail, and deep understanding of animal behaviors make her a valuable team member of our team.

Her work continues to make meaningful contributions to our understanding of animal behaviors and their habitats which has proven critical in the development phase of our projects.

                   Noemí Cabré, Phd



2023 - Whalelands -  Spunco Films

2019 - Convergence - Spunco Films


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