Wildlife filmmaker Manolo Mendieta aims to highlight themes of nature conservation and animal behavior through pristine visual narratives and thought-inducing stories.

His first short documentary 'Cabo Pulmo' effectively aided a social movement to conserve the national park of the same name whilst earning multiple awards and international recognition.  This led him to work as a cameraman on BBC's Bafta award-winning series Big Blue Live, Wild West, and National Geographic’s: Mexico Untamed.

While developing his Natural History feature debut 'Whalelands’ spanning five years of production. Manolo had the opportunity to capture rarely seen behaviors in remote locations such as Antarctica, Norway, and the South Pacific. Slated for release in 2021, Whalelands is arguably one of the most ambitious marine-based independent natural history films ever produced.

Manolo Mendieta
Manolo Mendieta

Manolo Filming Humpbacks in Tonga
Manolo Filming Humpbacks in Tonga

Photo by: Carlos Mendieta

Filming in the open ocean
Filming in the open ocean

Photo by: Carlos Mendieta

Manolo Mendieta
Manolo Mendieta


                   Manolo Mendieta


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Production Skill Set

Production (Producer, Executive Producer)​

Direction (Writing, Self Shooting)

Cinematography  (Topside, Underwater, Aerial)​

Drone Operation (FAA Part 107 / Heavy Lifter Drones)​

PADI Master Diver (Nitrox/Air, CCR)​

First Aid, CPR Red Cross Certified​

Extensive Maritime / Cetacean / Outdoors experience​

Small Boat Handling 

Paragliding Pilot (P3 License)​

Trilingual (English/Spanish/Italian) 




Broadcast Credits (DP/Cameraman)

2018 - NAT GEO WILD -  Mexico Untamed

2018 - DISCOVERY CHANNEL -  Deep Water Discoveries (Sizzle)

2017 - NAT GEO WILD - When Sharks Attack - Season 4

2017 - HISTORY CHANNEL - Ancient Aliens - Season 10 

2016 - BBC Wild West America's Great Frontier - Restless Shores

2016 - SMITHSONIAN CHANNEL - Crazy Monster Series - Season 1

2016 - BBC / PBS - Best of Big Blue Live


2015 - ABC - Frantic Family Rescue